TMN038 – Brian Stephens


YES! The return of the podcast with awesome guest, producer, drummer, and multimedia ninja Brian Stephens!

(Click HERE for video version.)

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Avoid DADD (Desktop Attention Deficit Disorder) with this Cool Tool: Compose Gmail

Was just hanging out with Siz in The Red Room here, and this happened to come up. Ever started to send an email and get sidetracked? Thought so. This very cool script for Mac should help. We’re busy cookin’ up a podcast, so will have to leave you with the Twitter link…but I encourage you to check it out it you’re “one of those people.” I know I am! I use this all the time: Now I just start to type “Compose Gmail…” into my Mac search bar and hit enter. Gmail compose comes right up *without* the rest of Gmail. Takes a little setup, but pretty awesome!!!

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Come Say ‘Hi’…!

Busy this week, but if you’re in the area, come by and say Howdy…

Tonight (19 JUL) 6-8pm at Georgia Music Partners Meetup @ Venkman’s (No Cover)
Wed 20 JUL 6-8pm visiting SAE Atlanta for “Indie Labels Today” panel (Cover charge for non-members)
Thu 21 JUL Atlanta Recording Academy Summer Party (Members Only)
Fri 22 JUL Checking out Diane Durrett at Callanwolde for Jazz On The Lawn (Tickets available HERE)

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The Prisoner’s Lament

So, in case you missed it, I recorded this little ditty by Peter Suarez aboard his boat. The below info’s for Multimedia Ninja Nation…but the main thing is…this song is awesome!

Just a little run ‘n’ gun with my Sony AX33 and Tascam DR-70D. (Using only the built in mics…I was tired, we may have consumed a couple of adult beverages, I didn’t want to screw with an external mic, etc…). To put a ribbon on it, this is actually the audio feed *from* the Tascam to the camera, and the video footage is from the 1080HD file, not the 4K file.  I was having some weird issue with the native Tascam audio, and the 4K footage was taking too long to render…the whole point of this 30-Day vlog being to get content posted daily. 

(Which I’m doing… You can see the whole thing HERE.)

Anyway, ENJOY! 

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Viewer Question: Is the 50mm my favorite lens for Creative Video?

Multimedia Ninja Sizwe asks what lens I recommend for DSLR video. The answer: It depends, of course!

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30 Day Vlog Experiment

So, I’ve decided to embark on a 30 day vlogging experiment. As a discipline in letting go, a journal of sailing and whatnot…and just because. Oh, and the next episode of The Multimedia Ninja is comin’ right up!

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BONUS AUDIO: More with Harold Sellers


For your dining and dancing pleasure, here’s a little more (audio only) of our interview with Harold Sellers. Here we’re talking about mobile editing in Premiere…and more.

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TMN037 – The Return of Harold Sellers


(Video version HERE.)

Harold Sellers returns to talk Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and a shoot on a ship.
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Episode 36 – Glenn Schick: Part 2 (video)

(Listen to the audio version HERE, if you prefer.)

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TMN036 – Glenn Schick, Part 2 (Audio Podcast)


In part two of our interview with mastering engineer Glenn Schick (coming to us from Thailand), we actually talk a bit about…mastering records! Read more ›

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