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In case you were wondering what’s going on with The Multimedia Ninja, I highly recommend you check out Ep. 69, “Changes”…wherein you’ll notice I have a very exciting new project about to appear. (And, um, obviously, I’ve been laboring away on that. But fear not, the ninja is still here!)

Actually, you can already get a hint if you check out in the morning or during the afternoon drive (often between 5:10 an d5:25, but could be any time between 5 and 6pm), and keep an ear out for Capt. Billy’s Mailbag.

I was just at the 2018 Miami Boat Show hobnobbing with some great folks from Pyrate Radio and Cruising Outpost, and a great time was had by all…but you’ll have to wait just a minute to hear what we’ve got cookin’…

More news to come asap, so stay tuned…!

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My Guest Interview on The Documentary Life

Super-stoked this week to be Chris Parkhurst’s guest this episode on The Documentary Life podcast. Check it out HERE.

Chris is an awesome filmmaker, and my guest on Ep. 69. Keep an eye out for his documentary on SInn Sisamouth, “The Elvis of Cambodia”…and you can check out his documentary film Journey to Kathmandu at

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My Guest Interview on StoryHinge Podcast

Hey kids! Just a note to let you know that I’m on this week’s episode of the StoryHinge podcast with Jason Vidaurri.

I invite you to check it out HERE…

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TMN069: Changes

In this episode, The Multimedia Ninja finds it frustrating to do everything, and finds some “inadvertent help” from The Documentary Life’s Chris Parkhurst. (And the answer is revealed as to whether the house flooded.)
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What’s up this week?

Here’s the sneak preview of this week’s episode. Of course, you’re already subscribed to the audio podcast…right?

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TMN068: What Happened to Jacie Sails?

TMN068: What Happened to Jacie Sails?

If you listened to last week’s episode, you know that we had to evacuate Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma—and that the fate of our beloved sailboat Jacie Sails was in doubt. It is no longer in doubt.

(Also, not to disappoint our regular multimedia Ninjas, we talk about Podcast Movement 2017 and Hindenburg Journalist Pro audio software.)
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What Happened to Jacie Sails?

If you don’t already know what happened to my sailboat Jacie Sails as a result of Irma…you will soon.

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TMN067: Damn You, Irma!

TMN067: Damn You, Irma!

There will be no video podcast this week. There will only be…The Waiting. Will Jacie Sails make it? Here is the audio.

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TMN066: Dr. Rachel Watson

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Back by popular demand… Dr. Rachel Watson talks writing, the eclipse, and more!

Despite computer crashes and trying to get out the door to the boat,  Read more ›

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Ack! A brief time out…

Bit of a delay on Ep. 66 with Dr. Rachel Watson, as my computer looks like….THIS! Apparently the video card (or something) is about 99.9% dead. 

Since I’m supposed to be headed to the boat tomorrow to record audio and video for a very cool new project, this could get interesting. 

Stay tuned!

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