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iPhone 6 Plus vs. HTC One Max

iPhone 6 Plus and HTC One Max

Everybody has an opinion on what smartphone (or phablet) is the best…so here’s just one more.

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Top 10 Tips for Record Producers


I was privileged last week to participate in the NARIP Producers Panel at SAE Atlanta with Matt Still and Billy Hume (with our honorable moderators Lee Morin and Sean McPherson). As part of that, we were asked

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The Evolution of Macy’s Lapel: Motion Tracking, Color Correction

In the podcast Episode 9, I mentioned using motion tracking to fix a wayward lapel mic in a patron interview for the website promo video.

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Headed back to Cabbage Key…and I Love Me Some Checklists!

Okay, so I’m loading up the truck and headed out ass-early tomorrow. You can hear more about how this job came about in Episode 7 (and I suspect a little more in this week’s Ep. 8)…but meanwhile, just a peek

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NARIP Producers Panel 11/12

Hey, hey! Just a heads up, I’ll be joining GRAMMY®-winning mixer Matt Still and Multiplatinum producer Billy Hume in Atlanta on 11/12 for a producers panel that promises to be pretty cool and relevant. For more info, go to

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Never Think “Fix it in the Mix” (a.k.a., “Fix it in Post”)

The “get it down, then get it right” tactic is valuable, but it applies to the creative process—to getting things going and to things you can flexibly edit and adapt. Like an Adobe Illustrator illustration. Or a demo vocal while writing

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How to Subscribe to the Podcast


(BTW, although I highly recommend the audio podcast regardless, you can easily subscribe to the video version (The Multimedia Ninja YouTube Channel) right HERE.) So, the first thing is: You don’t even have to subscribe to hear the podcast. You

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Get it down, then get it right. Unfortunately, I’m not sure who coined this phrase, but it’s awesome. It goes nicely with “Don’t let the Perfect become the enemy of the Good.” Designing a new website or illustration, creating a

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