Headed back to Cabbage Key…and I Love Me Some Checklists!

Okay, so I’m loading up the truck and headed out ass-early tomorrow. You can hear more about how this job came about in Episode 7 (and I suspect a little more in this week’s Ep. 8)…but meanwhile, just a peek at The Multimedia Ninja Kit for this week’s jaunt.

(Just FYI, the plan is I will be driving 8 hours Thursday from Atlanta to St. Petersburg, then making a nice 14-hour sail from there towards Cabbage Key. So why not just drive to Pineland, Florida and take a ferry to Cabbage Key? That would be way too easy!)

So here’s a sampling of the gear I’m throwing in the Yukon and then onto Jacie Sails:

Pelican Case

[ ]collapsible reflector: silver/gold/white/scrim
[ ]3 20′ XLRs
[ ]2 50-75′ + XLRs
[ ]1-2 short XLRs
[ ](4) C-47s (a.k.a. wooden clothes pins!)
[ ]Heavy spring clamps (4?)
[ ]Gaffer tape
[ ]Bobby Pins
[ ]zip ties

Carry-On Backpack

[ ]Canon 6D
[ ]Canon LC-E6 Battery Charger
[ ]4 Canon LP-E6 1800mAh or Watson B-1517 1750mAh Batteries
[ ]GoPro 3 cam
[ ]Mini tripod for GoPro
[ ]50mm f1.8 Canon lens
[ ]85mm f1.8 Canon Lens
[ ]16-35mm f/2.8 Canon Lens
[ ]24-70mm Tamron lens
[ ]100-600mm Tamron Super Telephoto
[ ]Marshall V-LCD50-HDI on-camera monitor (Thanks, Harold!)
[ ]Hood for monitor
[ ]USB Tether 15′
[ ]2 of each USB cable type (B and Mini-B types, incl tether)
[ ](2) 18″ HDMI to mini-HDMI cables
[ ]small reflector
[ ]Extra SD Card(s)
[ ]Micro SD card(s) for GoPro
[ ]lens cleaning cloths
[ ]Zacuto Z-Finder (Thanks, Harold!)

laptop bag

[ ]Laptop & Power
[ ]External hard drive
[ ]Sony Headphones
[ ]AA Batteries
[ ]AAA Batteries
[ ]Shure Beta SM-58 dynamic mic
[ ]Rode NTG-2 shotgun condenser mic
[ ]iPad
[ ]HTC One Max phone
[ ]Tascam DR-60D Digital Recorder
[ ]Zoom H4 recorder
[ ]Charger for iPad
[ ]Charger for HTC phone
[ ]Ear buds (emergency backup for ‘phones)
[ ]Ear plugs
[ ]SD Card Reader
[ ]12V USB adapter
[ ]LED flashlight
[ ]Shock Mount/Handgrip for NTG-2 (5/8″ fitting for mic stand)
[ ]”Dead Cat” wind screen, JIC of strong draft indoors or something
[ ]”Dead Kitten” wind screen for Zoom
[ ]Zeppelin wind screen for NTG-2 mic
[ ]Multi-tool

Manfrotto “golf bag”

[ ]190XB Tripod
[ ]501HDV Fluid Head
[ ]Basic boom stand w/ tripod (not weighted) base?
[ ]

Other Video

[ ]2 C-stands w boom arms
[ ](2) Lav Mics!!!
[ ]Adapter: C-Stand Boom-to-Shotgun Mic clip?
[ ]2 brick lights
[ ]1 bright brick light
[ ](2) light stands (light duty) w threaded tip
[ ]1 light stand w 5/8 stud tip
[ ]**Varizoom rig
[ ]extra headphones
[ ]Fishpole for mic
[ ]Boom pole for GoPro
[ ]Clamp mount for GoPro
[ ]Compressed Air Cleaning Bottles
[ ]All other reflector/scrim fold-ups (2?)

Sea Bag

[ ](2) Long Sleeve UV Rash Guard Shirts
[ ]Compression stockings
[ ]Undershorts and socks
[ ]T-shirts
[ ]Black Sneakers?
[ ]White “Dress” Boat Sneaks?
[ ]Docksider Loafers

Dop Kit (in sea bag)

[ ]Toothbrush and paste
[ ]Floss/Floss Sticks
[ ]Scop patch(es)
[ ]Contact lenses, JIC
[ ]Deoderant
[ ]small prescription bottle w aspirin, co-Q10, vitamins

Hanging Clothes

[ ](2) Jacie Sails “Captain” Polo Shirts

Other Clothes

[ ]Offshore Jacket and Bib
[ ]Sea Boots

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