iPhone 6 Plus vs. HTC One Max

iPhone 6 Plus and HTC One Max
Everybody has an opinion on what smartphone (or phablet) is the best…so here’s just one more.

Based on my personal experience, I’m about to switch back to the Android ecosystem (and specifically the HTC One Max, if our local vendor can fix my cracked screen).


HTC-cracked screen

The HTC One Max’s screen cracked when dropped.

The iPhone wins big here. Absolutely no comparison. The iPhone has that awesome gorilla glass, which has never cracked on me. The iPhone 6 Tanya so generously got me for Christmas is my 2nd or 3rd iPhone, and despite numerous drops of each of them, including when they were sans case, I’ve had zero issues with the glass; or anything but the tiniest nick on the case.

The HTC One Max has a rather flimsy-feeling construction—which, combined with its fairly large surface area and thin body, tend to leave its seemingly pedestrian glass screen at risk for cracking. Which is exactly what mine did the first time I dropped it. To be fair, I dropped it on the driveway and it was not in a case. Still, I dropped jt on its back, not on the screen; and the shock was enough to crack the glass.


For my hands (not Odell Beckham sized, but fairly large), the HTC One Max is perfect. For people with average to smaller hands, a smaller phablet might suit better. Speaking of suits, I’ve been able to fit either of these phones in my suit jacket inside pocket as well as in my rear jeans pocket…but either will be fairly visible. And (especially with the HTC), don’t leave them in your back pocket when you sit down!

For my hands (not Odell Beckham sized, but fairly large), the HTC One Max is perfect.Bradford

As a side note, I should mention that even my fellow Recording Academy governors—no strangers to technology—have rarely failed to remark upon the size of the HTC One Max. I’m frankly a little surprised HTC has discontinued it without having a replacement in form factor. I’m guessing, based on the fact they established a web link specifically for the issue (INSERT HERE), they were having too many cracked screens. That lightweight body at that size apparently just isn’t rigid enough to protect the screen when dropped on my driveway, for example.


Here’s the crux of the biscuit. Apple, as they say, “just works.” As long as you stay in their ecosystem and don’t try to push the boundaries, your experience will probably be enjoyable. (Strike that…I hesitate to predict anything enjoyable where technology concerned. Let’s just say Apple’s reputation is well deserved: A well-honed and sexy machine, whether you are referring to the iPhone or the company itself.)

I had the iPhone 4s (and I believe the iPhone 3 before that…or did I? So many gadgets…), but I started using Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and whatnot, and that’s where the magic understandably started to fade.

Although Gmail’s web-based interface is kind of wonky, its algorithms for getting rid of spam are simply awesome, and you can run just about any of your POP3 email accounts through Gmail. (Not you Apple iCloud mail, of course.) And of course, Gmail is cross-platform. (The fact the Google, and presumably the NSA, are mining my emails is fairly disturbing; but I’ll do all my nefarious planning offilne, thank you. I’m currently willing to trade some email-mining for the amazing convenience that the Google ecosystem conveys. And when I go off the grid in a few years… Come find me on my boat, bitches!!!!)

Similarly, although Google Calendar isn’t terribly sexy, it’s cross-platform and integrates with Gmail and such. And here’s the thing…when you factor in that Android is Google’s pet mobile OS, you get some pretty cool stuff.

My HTC One Max will often pop up a message saying, “Hey, you need to leave now to arrive at your dentist appointment at such-and-such address by 11:00 a.m.” Or something to that effect. I’m sure this won’t be an Android monopoly for long (I notice ads for the latest Windows phones that tout similar), but there’s often something telling about being first to the party.

The fact is, we’re already voluntarily giving up so much information that I figure it’s no big deal to go Google. As I believe Guy Kawasaki noted, Google “owns the river” (of search information and more). If you want convenience and integration, Google’s yer boy. If you’re a privacy freak, you can run the other way, but I’m not sure it’ll do any good…unless you’re in a unique position to completely renounce any digital identity. (Hint: If you own a cell phone or computer, you’re probably not that digital ghost.)


Music is a big deal for many consumers…and a huge deal for this musician. Although my friend JFly showed me some cool things you can do with the Google Play app for Android, iTunes remains the de facto music store for the web. This is one area where you want it to “just work”…which iTunes excels at, as long as you don’t want to do anything too crazy or flexible. Most people don’t.

HTC One Max

There are two reasons I am hanging on to this particular model, which as of this writing is out of production: I like the size, and I have a dock for it in my vehicle. The vehicle dock isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t tie into the music system—which is done via bluetooth. It just happens to be a dock that fits the One Max, the micro-usb of which has been run into the dash by stereo guys so that it’s clean and it charges the One Max. I could do a re-install with a different Android device, I’m sure. But there’s something to be said for “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Or in this case, given my difficulties with bluetooth vehicular telephony—which may be an issue with the actual mic wiring—”If it works as good as it’s gonna, don’t fix it.”

iPhone 6 Plus

There were really two reasons for me bringing the iPhone 6 Plus to The Admiral’s attention: The iPhone Touch ID and iTunes.


What’s up with the text thing when you switch from IOS to another platform? Here’s a text from my sis Trish, which I reproduce here because it seems to encapsulate my own experience: “If by chance u have iPhone you have to take me off user cuz I switched to galaxy note and cant get texts from iphones.”

Can’t we all get along…?!??

Screen Size and Display

iPhone: 5.5″ diagonal, 1920 x 1080 pixels
HTC One Max: 5.9″ diagonal, 1920 x 1080 pixels

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