I’m Headed To Podcast Movement 2017!

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Up, up, and AWAY! Getting on a big ol’ jet airliner tomorrow morning, and headed to Anaheim for Podcast Movement 2017! If you check out our last episode¬†with AWeber’s Erik Harbison, you’ll know what’s up. Looking forward to this!

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TMN064: Email Marketing for Ninjas, with AWeber CMO Erik Harbison

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Getting ready to head to Podcast Movement 2017 this week, and we have an awesome (and appropriate!) guest: AWeber Chief Marketing Officer Erik Weber joins us to shed some much-needed light on why multimedia ninjas need email marketing…and how Read more ›

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Day 13 of the VEDA Challenge, with Peter Suarez

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Day 13 of the VEDA (Vlog Every Day¬†in August) challenge bring us… Read more ›

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Ninja News: Aug 11, 2017

Where’s our usual show this week? Here’s the answer, and who’s our guest next week!

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VEDA Challenge: Day 6

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20 miles on the ol’ Orca…

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TMN063: Diane Durrett

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This week: Singer, songwriter and producer Diane Durrett! Read more ›

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TMN062: Voiceover Madness with Tom Knight

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Buckle up, kiddos! This week we have badass VO artist, drummer and Multimedia Ninja Tom Knight in the house! Tom talks about his transition from studio and TLC drummer to multimedia ninja…most notably winning an Emmy for his awesome voiceover work. (You’ll hear what I mean!)
Read more ›

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TMN061: Glenn Schick on Being a Digital Nomad

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Back by popular demand! Glenn Schick joins us to talk about life as a Digital Nomad, Thailand, rough beds, and more! Read more ›

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TMN060: Blogging From Paradise with Ryan Biddulph

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Joining us this week: Author of 126 e-books, Blogging From Paradise’s Ryan Biddulph. Don’t miss it! Read more ›

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Ableton Skype Podcast Setup Using Apogee Duet

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I use a fairly basic Ableton Skype mobile setup using the Apogee Duet audio interface when remote podcasting, and I thought you might find it useful, too. Read more ›

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