TMN010 – DSLR Video, Pt. 2 | Koji Color plugin | Top 10 Tips for Record Producers| FUF w/ Timothy P. Green


[FYI, this week includes a video tutorial on the relationship of aperture/iris, exposure and depth of field.] This week, we continue our discussion on shooting video with DSLR cameras, look at the cool new plugin Koji Color, flesh out the Top 10 Tips for Record Producers…and if that weren’t enough, a visit from Timothy P. Green…!


Aperture/Iris, Exposure, and Depth Of Field

Okay, kids, not only is this video pretty concise, but you get to see Vintage Bradford…sans beard. If that doesn’t shock you, nothing will.

Note that this segment was created as part of our legal videography series, so instead of, um, focusing on getting a more film-like shallow depth of field, it talks a wee bit more about using a shallower (I call it “narrower”) depth of field as a way to help keep the subject in focus. However, the reverse applies, and there are both a pretty strong animation of depth of field and an animated diagram of how it works.

If you have amy questions whatsoever about this topic, check it out…!

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