TMN011 – Creativity with Timothy P. Green | Steve Dancz


In this episode, we talk creativity with Timothy P. Green, with a special appearance by TMN alumnus, film and tv composer Steve Dancz.

Show notes will arrive shortly via Carrier Pigeon or African Swallow. Obviously, a European Swallow would not be large enough to carry the show notes.

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Timothy P. Green website:

Steve Dancz website:

Creative Whack

Building a Nest

Some nest materials from Timothy:

Only-Having-Fun BIrds-Had-Flown_Illustration Gotta-Keep-Tryin_Lyric-Sheet

Excerpts from Bradford’s notebook from 1998 album and stage show “Jihaad” (available HERE on iTunes)

JIhaad_Title-Page Jihaad_Cast-Artwork(1997) Manifesto_Original-Lyric-Sheet_Working-Copy Manifesto_Recorded-Version_Lyrics

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8 comments on “TMN011 – Creativity with Timothy P. Green | Steve Dancz
  1. Wayward Son says:

    I dreamt I saw TPG and Mr. B. Rogers on the side of a cold lonely bridge over pass at 5 am yesterday morn with Rogers,in his pajamas, calmly lecturing his subject on the short comings of failure to think ahead and adapt.

  2. Erin Small says:

    Wonderful to hear Mr. Ted D. once again and newbie TPG’s
    ideas/formulas for creative inspiration. Although one appears superior in diversity and scope. They both seem to share a common thread called art and their love for making it and presenting that selflessly to us the public.
    Love this Podcast!
    Thanks Bradford

  3. Sidar says:

    Timothy is a goat whore and his name will be erased!

  4. BBch says:

    I like Timothy’s transparence in his songs/writings and reaching beyond that for further involvement to bring his ideas more fully to our light.

  5. Sirani says:

    TPG looks like 3rd incarnation of Ramses. Wonderful to see old friends back again and making music. Nice sounds and same bone structure Wow !!!!

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