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Now that Jacie Sails has a working diesel engine again, we will be talking writing and multimedia ninjutsu with T. Nelson Taylor, author or “Dust” and “Bolita.”

Show Notes

Links for T. Nelson Taylor books:


DustDr. Christopher Miller, a celebrated biomechanics engineer, has no idea how much trouble he’s about to create for himself.  In his clandestine corporate semiconductor lab, an ancient mystery is unlocked–a secret suppressed by the world’s most powerful for over a millennia, and they want to keep it that way. Dr. Miller, his daughter Emily, and an agent sent to surveil him become targets in a bizarre, murderous race for freedom.  Along the way, they discover more about their little secret and the mystic world fighting to unleash its knowledge.

Get Dust on Amazon


Get BolitaAdapted from true stories, BOLITA is the gripping epic of one man’s war on Tampa Florida’s mafia and government corruption. In the mid-1970s, a determined group of a uncompromising city detectives, an FBI special agent, and an Assistant US Attorney went after an entire police department and the ruthless criminal organization pulling its strings. One man, an untrusting, implacable, bastard of a detective named Bill Brume, risked the entire investigation. It was all or nothing.

Get Bolita on Amazon

“Depression Baby,” by Ray B. Rogers (Kindle Edition)

Depression BabyWritten by someone who has “lived it,” this first book by Ray B. Rogers brings home the unique culture of Western North Carolina during the Great Depression. From Justifiable Homicide (about chickens, naturally) to The County Home, Ray “tells it like it is,” bringing the reader back to a time when folks worked harder, got along better, and lived closely with the environment.

Born in Waynesville, NC in 1929 (he claims he brought on the Great Depression), Ray has gone from growing up with no electricity or running water to blogging about his life at age 85. Few people are better positioned to illustrate some of the changes in our culture, simply by illustrating how it was. Whether you’ve shared in Ray’s generation’s experiences, or are just curious about life in Depression-era Appalachia, this book serves up a delicious slice of Americana just for you.

[Ed. note: The author is my father! -Bradford]

Get Depression Baby on Amazon

With Hemingway: A Year in Key West and Cuba

With Hemingway: A Year In Key West and CubaHere is the story we were talking about during the podcast: A young man travels to Key West and ends up spending a year—and getting priceless writing advice—from Ernest Hemingway.

Thanks to Jeff Quattlebaum at Masters Touch

As mentioned in the podcast, Big Thanks to Jeff Quattlebaum at Masters Touch for taking time out of work to advise me by phone and text on how to bleed the diesel engine on Jacie Sails. I didn’t get to meet him, but on the basis of his knowledge and generosity alone, I’d have to recommend him to anyone needing a marine mechanic in the Sarasota area. (941) 524-8203

Thanks to Captain David

Unfortunately, our air lock was a major deal and I just couldn’t solve it via remote assistance, so I got Jacie Sails back up to the home port and my buddy Captain David was able to come by and figure out the issue for me. Captain David definitely rocks!


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2 comments on “TMN018 – Novelist T. Nelson Taylor | Engine Trouble in Paradise
  1. P. Wilson Hanks says:

    T. Nelson Taylor is one multi-faceted ninja. Interesting insights on the publishing/e-publishing and the thoughts on Kindle reformatting and resizing text I had not considered. He seems an interesting individual SUBSEQUENTLY I will be checking out his works soon.
    Nice episode!

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