TMN022 – Let’s Talk About Work!


This week: Cross That Bridge! More on Flying Horses, How Not to Communicate, Bradford on Algerian TV, a visit from TPG, a cool Kindle trick…and another world premiere!

Show Notes

Half Chicken Blues

I mentioned our friend Carmelo’s band, Half Chicken Blues.

You can check them out at

How to Fly A Horse

Check out the podcast for a more extended discussion, but here’s the link to the book on Amazon:

How to Fly a Horse –

Bradford on Algerian TV

Yes, The Multimedia Ninja was a little far afield this week. (Scrub to about 3:09 if you don’t see the clip.)

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6 comments on “TMN022 – Let’s Talk About Work!
  1. Betty Jarvis says:

    Thanks Bradford
    You make my week worthwhile. So entertaining and informative.

  2. Nina Jutsu says:

    Love me some TPG and the podcast. I listen during my workout. Question long sword or short?

  3. TPG says:

    Thanks for having me again Bradford. Speak to me Mammy. LOL!

  4. Barry Bush says:

    Love The Multimedia Ninja. I always learn something which can be applied to my pottery and my business. Thanks Bradford.

  5. J. Tarleton says:

    Nice cast. Always a treat to hear TPG’s songs and stories. Also Mr. Kevin Ashton’s insights on creativity were priceless! Hats off to Bradford’s views on “How not to communicate.” Someone had to say it. LOL.

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