TMN023 – Watson Wu. He records tanks.


[Hey, check it out! We now have two segments on VIDEO: This one of Watson talking about recording guns, and this one where Watson shows us the Rode Video Mic Pro 2… If you’re more the video type, check ’em out! (And don’t be shy about giving me and Watson a thumbs up or a share. It’s brutal work out there! 😉 ]

This week we’re talking field recording, games and guns with audio ninja Watson Wu…aboard Jacie Sails! (Also, we’re going to record some sailboat sounds.)

Show Notes

BTW, you can read all about Watson Wu’s latest doings, as well as check out his awesome SFX libraries at

Bradford Rogers recording podcast aboard Jacie Sails

Recording the podcast intro aboard Jacie Sails

Well, it’s been a very long but productive week, and I’m so glad we got to sit down (aboard Jacie Sails, no less!) with field audio guru (and musician, sound designer and just darned cool cat in general) Watson Wu.

We anchored in Boca Ciega Bay on a beautiful sunny Thursday, and chatted for a bit about guns, games and gear. Then we took the dinghy into Gulfport to have lunch at Beach Haus (great view, terrible food, spotty service…although our server this afternoon was good). Very sad about Beach Haus. But I digress… [Note to Watson: If you wonder how the above is compatible with choosing that place for lunch…I thought their lunch was decent and service good, so I went back for dinner. And damn. Just damn.]

ANYwho, [of course] Watson recorded the dinghy ride to and from the Gulfport dinghy dock; and once back aboard, we got underway, and recorded a variety of sailing, motoring, and motorsailing sounds…a few of which you can hear during the podcast.

As we got back to the marina, Watson pointed out that some water was coming out of the starboard side: The bilge pump was running. Turns out that the gentleman that replaced the exhaust riser on Jacie Sails‘ 30 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine apparently didn’t tighten one of the hose clamps very well. As a result, the raw cooling water was flooding the engine compartment.

Thankfully, the raw cooling water was at least getting to the engine before leaking out. However, if my buddy Capt. Dave hadn’t drilled a drain hole for the engine bilge last time I was here, we might have had a cabin full of expensive audio gear…sloshing with salt water. Ah, well…all in a day’s work!

Mid/Side Recording

Watson talks about mid/side recording during the podcast. You can learn more here:

Porsche Carrera SFX Library

As mentioned in the podcast, Watson just released a very cool new selection of Porsche Carrera Sound Effects:

Here’s a sample of one of Watson’s weapon recording sessions. You can see much much more on his YouTube channel.

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4 comments on “TMN023 – Watson Wu. He records tanks.
  1. Paul R. says:

    The sound of 12 pound cannons and Tchaikovsky. Mr. Wu. ain’t right! or is he?

  2. Myron G. says:

    This guy not only does sound for movies but he should be acting in productions as well.

  3. James Wooten says:

    I loved this episode. Watson Wu was so inspiring in that he mentioned starting small and gradually working your way up. He is truly the American Dream personified. Such talent and humility.

  4. Mildred Hodge says:

    Nice to hear high quality sounds From Mr. Wu. I dated a sailor once and accidently shot him in the foot with a Colt. Small world.

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