TMN048 – The Zen of Video and Photo Shootin’

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This week: Discover the 3 great tips you can borrow from Zen; how to get some Headspace…plus a new slider!

Show Notes

Lots going on this week…actually the last couple of weeks! Plenty to catch up on, so dig right into the podcast. Here are some links to some items we mentioned…


headspace-175x175Headspace bills itself (as best I recall) as a “guided meditation app.” Bradford talks a bit about using Headspace—and mindfulness training/Zen/meditation—in the podcast… But you can check it out yourself, and get 10 free “sessions” (and the free app for iOS, Android, and whatnot) at

Previous Episodes Mentioned

Episode 3: Zen and the Multimedia Ninja, Mobile Graphics AppsLess-is-more

As mentioned, we also had a very popular Episode 3 back in the day, when we were audio only. If you’re interested in hearing a little more about Zen, “less is more,” Miles Davis, and much more, I encourage you to check it out HERE.

TMN002-PodcastBanner-SteveEpisode 2: Film & TV Composer Steve Dancz, and The Importance of Batching

We also mentioned Episode 2 with composer Steve Dancz, which is still one of our most popular. Steve talks about everything from his film on Tibet, to composing, to what gets him ready to work. Check it out HERE.

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