TMN057: Steve Dancz

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Join us this week as we talk to Composer, Teacher and Digital Nomad Steve Dancz about writing music (the new- and old-fashioned ways), remote teaching, and mindfulness practice.

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Previous Episodes and Mentions

Here are Steve’s previous appearances and mentions, including (way back) Episode 2, “Film & TV Composer Steve Dancz, and The Importance of Batching.”

Steve Dancz Website (Go figure! As it should be, if you checked out Ep. 39, “Pimp My Profile …!)

Kennesaw State University

This week’s Winners are Steve’s online learning students at Kennesaw State University. I’m a big fan of the Owls, and they’ve grown a kick-ass university here in the Greater Atlanta area.

(I should mention that my amazing and patient flute teacher and scary badass performer Sam Skelton teaches there, too. Look him up if you’re in the flute/woodwind/sax or Jazz area… Amazing talent. And my buddy Wes Funderburk teaches arranging. And, well…you get the gist. Great place for music and much more.)

Thanks for listening/watching, y’all…!!!

Headspace Guided Meditation App

In this episode and others, we mention Headspace, the guided meditation app and program. As of this writing, I get no commission or anything else from them for mentioning them (other than maybe a virtual pat on the back and a heartfelt “attaboy!”. But I’ve found Headspace to be helpful in my daily routine (well, almost daily…about 47 days since I missed a day), so perhaps you will too.

I find that regularly practicing “mindfulness” (a less loaded word than “meditation”) helps me cage the monkey mind and be more present and creative. There are packs within the app on Creativity, Acceptance, Patience, Focus, and much more, including topics related to Relationships, Sports, Business and Creative Performance, Health, and more.

Headspace lets you track your progress and statistics, so I can see that I’ve meditated 177 sessions for a total of 39 hours. (Oh, and there are 23,527 people using the app at this moment.)

If you’d like to check it out, click HERE. Maybe someday they’ll send me a check. Meanwhile, I’ll settle for a silent “attaboy.”

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    1. […] this episode and others (like Ep. 57 with Steve Dancz), we mention Headspace, the guided meditation app and program. As of this writing, I get no […]

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