TMN068: What Happened to Jacie Sails?

TMN068: What Happened to Jacie Sails?

If you listened to last week’s episode, you know that we had to evacuate Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma—and that the fate of our beloved sailboat Jacie Sails was in doubt. It is no longer in doubt.

(Also, not to disappoint our regular multimedia Ninjas, we talk about Podcast Movement 2017 and Hindenburg Journalist Pro audio software.)

Show Notes

Here’s the picture Harbormaster Denis sent me…you’ll have to hear the story to find out when and why…


Hindenburg Journalist Pro

Here’s the audio software I mentioned using for this episode.

Thanks to TalkShoe!

TalkShoe Podcast Movement 2017I mentioned Podcast Movement 2017… I want to give a special shout out to TalkShoe for hosting the Podcasting Pavillion where I recorded Ep. 65…and for the awesome Sennheiser headphones!

And what is TalkShoe, you might ask?

TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts and Audioblogs.

These hosted Community Calls can be discussions, conversations, talk shows and podcasts. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to. And if your Community Call becomes popular, you can make money too.

Check ’em out at:

I Need Your Help!

If you made it this far, you’re obviously one of the chosen, and I really could use your opinion.

So please, do me a huge favor: Scroll down to the comments section below…and put down the first thing that comes to mind that I can improve about the show. Don’t be shy! I want to hear your thoughts.

Bonus points if you have several shows under your belt to compare, but you don’t have to. If there’s something good about the podcast that you don’t want me to screw up and cut, I’d love to know that, too.

What parts each week make you cringe? What parts to you look forward to, and miss when they’re not there?

Do you watch the video version on YouTube? Is it important to you to have the exact same content there, or would you rather I spent more time on the audio, like this week?

What am I missing? What would make this a better show for you, my fellow ninjas?

I hope you might have an answer to at least one of these questions…and I hope you’ll type it in right now and hit the Post Comment button.

I really appreciate it.

Sound and Music Credits

Anything that I didn’t create is from, or


Unity, by Kevin MacLeod (

Shiny, by Podington Bear (

Iceland Travelling, by Lobo Loco (

Calm Under Joekull , by Lobo Loco (

Zenervous, by Soundiron (

Beneath Dark Clouds, by The Pangolins (


Cue1, by Bradford Rogers


Individual credits coming momentarily!!!



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4 comments on “TMN068: What Happened to Jacie Sails?
  1. Janice Kocks says:

    Hey Bradford! Sounds great!…and what good news regarding your ‘wild-child’, J.C. Sails! (By the way–always wondered what the J.C. stands for) The first thing I noticed about your podcast was the lower and deeply relaxing pitch of your voice. I like it much better than the higher, excited D.J. pitch. Did you plan that? …So nice for story-telling! Perfection is, of course, in the ear of the listener, but if I were seeking perfection, I would pick up the rate of speech very minutely; don’t get me wrong though! I thoroughly enjoyed this! Is there another story coming up regarding the behavior of your creek? I told B.L. that sandbags around your foundation might be helpful! Great results on this podcast, Bradford!! Love it!

  2. Bradford Rogers you son of a bitch. I’m sitting here at Starbucks in Kingston NY trying to get some work done and I come across your email. So I listen to TMN068: What Happened to Jacie Sails? and I’m sitting here in tears. I barely know you but I’m all emotionally involved in your boat and your situation! You’re an amazing story teller. I’m so glad everything is okay!! Now please get off my puter so I can finally get some work done!!
    Once again a pleasure meeting you and I’m looking forward to more of what you do. I guess if there’s anything I can say that is at all constructive for you is that, I think the reason I connect with you is that you remind me of all the Disney Documentaries I watched as a child. Mostly of innocent cute animals just trying to survive the wilderness or what have you. So it’s an emotional tug to the time where there was still innocence in my life and the world and I’m really concerned for “Sammy the Way out Seal”
    Whether it’s Disney or TMN I trust the story teller and I’m compelled to listen until the end, letting my emotions go and escaping to a world I can only imagine.
    Glad you and the boat are okay!
    Have a great day!

    • So….. I need to get a seal as a guest? No, seriously, THANK YOU, Dave! I figured this story needed to be told (since people were asking anyway)…but now I’m thinking, “How the hell do I segue back into video editing tips?”

      Off to check out the PM17 review…which may answer my question…but curious if you’ve tried the new mic yet…

      Thanks so much again!!!! And if any other suggestions come to mind (other than hiring a way-out seal, whcih I’ll be implementing immediately), I’m all ears!

      Now finish that fancy latte and get back to work, you!!!!

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