Well THAT’s not good!

Symphony Update Screen Grab

It looks like we’ll be spending this good Friday troubleshooting instead of releasing. (See you tomorrow, god willing!) Actually I suspect the issue may lie with Adobe and not Apogee…unless my Symphony or ThunderBridge has bought the Big One.

Update: After a lengthy (but friendly) troubleshooting conversation with Carl at Apogee (@ApogeeDigital), it appears my Thunderbridge interface may be dead. If so, it’s out of warranty, so they will replace my $950 dollar device for $395. Could be worse, I guess, but I’m hoping just maybe the power supply is bad or something…although everything seemed to crash and burn right after Adobe CS6 froze up entirely on me….although I suppose CS6 could freeze due to Thunderbridge malfunction. At any rate, Carl got me running on USB, which seems to work okay for playback. We’ll see about heavy recording. There seems to be intermittent annoying interference in my left speaker now, like it’s picking up mobile phone pings.

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